Hagurosan five-story pagoda is not quietly standing in the mountains


Moon mountain located in Yamagata Prefecture (Dewa country), Hagurosan, has been referred to as the generic name of the three mountain of Yudonosan “Dewasanzan”.

Dewasanzan is, in your mountain, such as mountain worship and Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism of nature worship in Japan since ancient times has been established to syncretism “Shugendo”, role Roh ascetic, Kukai, Saicho and the laden Kitayama Mr. training it has been told.

Dewasanzan shrine is composed of a three-shrine of Dewa Shrine (Hagurosan) Gassan Shrine (Gassan) Yudonosan shrine (Yudonosan), have a long history and tradition of the 1, 400 years.

National Treasure five-story pagoda in the Yamauchi of Haguro, the original is a five-story pagoda of “Takimizutera”, at the time had many temples in the vicinity. Shintoism and Buddhism separation since the Meiji, remaining only five-story pagoda.

Shiraki building, Kaki葺, in the graceful appearance of the three between the five-layer, the height 29m

The current tower, the Tohoku region’s oldest tower, Northern and Southern Dynasties 1377 era built, about 600 years ago, has been reported with the reconstruction of Masashi Muto’s lord of Shonai.





The top of the mountain will take 30 minutes, but there is a shrine Hagurosan.


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