Nishi Honganji temple

Nishi Honganji temple, there are seven national treasure building

Nishi Honganji is located in the town of 15-minute walk from Kyoto Station.

The gates of the Nishi Honganji is when entering one step another world.

You will be overwhelmed by the mighty building.

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National treasure building 7
– Kitano stage (Japan’s oldest Noh stage)
· Hiunkaku (Kinkaku, one of Japan’s three people Cabinet with Ginkaku)
– Shoin (face-to-face office white Shoin)
– karamon(Black office Shoin Den corridor)
· miedo (1636 48☓62☓ high 29)
– Amida (1760 42☓45☓ high 25)

Important Cultural Property 1
– Minamino stage

Large drawing room garden (scenic beauty garden)

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The beginning of the Honganji of Jodo Shinshu is the mausoleum of the “Shinran” in the Higashiyama Kyoto.

This mausoleum “Kakunyo” was a temple. After that, destroyed by the attack of Mount Hiei, Honganji moved to Yamashina, but further moves to Ishiyama of Osaka, after a Ishiyama battle with Nobunaga Oda, moved to Kyoto, Honganji is established in the land of 1591 years now.

Received the asylum of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Goedo, it is representative buildings such as the Momoyama culture Hikumo閣 line up.

Separates the Route 1, there is a Otani Jodo sect Higashi Honganji Temple on the opposite side.
Ishiyama battle at the conclusion, engaged in a fierce battle with Nobunaga, “Ken’nyo” decide to leave the Ishiyama according to the reconciliation 1580. Its child “Kyo如” is, it was the last to claim the die resistance Gizetsu. Then, Gizetsu but is eliminated, there is the inside of the crack, Ieyasu Tokugawa to use it, was the suzerain of support Kyo如 Higashi Honganji Temple.

Higashi Hongan-ji Temple of the building is not so many cultural assets in the reconstruction of all the Meiji era.

Large ginkgo


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