Iwashimizu hachimangū shrine-kyoto

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Iwashimizu hachimangū shrine, Katsura River, Uji River, Kizu River and located in Otokoyama located at the confluence of three rivers , since the foundation of 860 years, and including the aristocrats and samurai, drew widely revered.

Although after the foundation it was often burned like a shrine, each time revived, in the early modern times, after the shrine repair by Nobunaga Oda of 1580 years , the precincts revival row by Toyotomi Hideyoshi from 1598 years  I crack.

The main hall of the current headquarters shrine group, was a composite side-by-side before and after the inner shrine and the outside hall between the girder 11, in Yawata concrete building main hall with a grand scale, the main shrine of the same type of domestic
In is located in the largest scale in the earliest extant.


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Iwashimizu Hachiman Shrine, crowded a lot of manpower, such as those who divine in people and fortune to pray.

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