Horyuji temple -Nara


Horyuji Temple, the temple in Nara Prefecture Ikoma-gun, Ikaruga-cho.

It is the world’s heritage.

It has been designated a Japanese national treasure.

Horyuji Temple is built in the seventh century, is Japan’s oldest wooden building.


To go to Horyuji Temple, you off at JR Nara Station.

A 30-minute walk, you go in 10 minutes by bicycle.

I recommend because it is convenient to go by rental bicycle.

The rental bike, you lend me a fee at the shop of bicycle rental in front of the station.

Bicycle Rental 500 yen


First, there is Namdaemun.

This gate is also a national treasure.

And, Niou has kept the precinct.

Two Niou is, a scary face, to prevent the entry of evil.

Nio, is Agyo & Ugyou.




The main building is five-story pagoda and the main hall, is the auditorium.

Wooden building of 1300 years ago, will pick you up in a unique atmosphere.


Will you find the sickle at the tip of the five-story pagoda Horyuji Temple?